Monday, 18 March 2013


This juice is good to cleanse your gall bladder and liver. Radish can be often included in your diet to detox your body. Radish when consumed uncooked provides more health benefits compared to when it is cooked.

Initially I found it very hard to take this juice. Later I started liking since it was helping out with my bloating issues. To get rid of the smell(if you do not like the radish smell) add some fresh  mint leaves.


Grated carrot- 1 cup

Grated white radish- 2 tspn

Lemon juice- 1 tspn

Black pepper powder- one pinch

Cumin seed powder- one pinch

Water- 2 cups

Salt to taste


Place the grated carrot and radish in the blender and grind with water.

Filter the juice and pour in a juice glass. Add the cumin seed, black pepper powder, salt and lemon juice and stir with a spoon. Serve fresh.

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