Monday, 8 April 2013


It's raining so badly in Nairobi. It all starts in the evening around 4 p.m and then the whole night until early morning. When  you are out of your bed you feel like having something spicy as well as healthy(I feel so many times). Try this very simple vegetable pan cakes. Cabbage and carrot in the pan cake helps you to stay warm. To add something to your dietary "fiber" intake I have drizzled some oats to the batter. Very quick and easy too...


All purpose flour- 1 cup

Finely grated carrot- 1

Finely grated cabbage leaf- 1

Finely chopped spinach- 2 leaves

Finely chopped onion-  tspn

Oats- 1 tbspn

Mustard seeds- 1 tspn

Cumin seeds- 1 tspn

Ginger- garlic paste- 1tspn

Turmeric powder- a pinch

Baking soda- 1/2 tspn

Salt to taste

Oil- 1 tbspn


First prepare the vegetables to be added to the batter by heating the pan and adding the oil to the pan. When the oil is hot add the mustard seeds and wait for it to splutter. Now add the cumin seeds, ginger- garlic paste, onion, chopped vegetables, salt and turmeric powder(follow the sequence).

Saute for a minute and keep the vegetables aside.

Place flour, oats, baking soda, little salt in a bowl and prepare a smooth batter without any lumps by adding water little by little. Stop adding water when you get an evenly spreadable consistency.

The batter

Add in the vegetables we had prepared earlier and mix with the batter uniformly.

Adding vegetables to the batter

The batter is ready now

Heat the pan and place one tablespoonful of batter and spread it uniformly in the middle of  the pan to the size of a CD and cook with little olive oil or any cooking oil of your choice. Serve hot with tomato ketch up, chutneys or dips of your  choice.

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