Monday, 3 December 2012


sesame shrimp spread

Small shrimps(peeled and deveined)- 1 cup

Onion- 1 tbspn finely chopped

Ginger- garlic paste- 1tspn

Cilantro leaves- 1 tbspn (finely chopped)

Sesame seeds- 1 tbspn

Sesame oil/ vegetable cooking oil- 1 tspn

Cream cheese- 1/2 cup

Salt to taste


1. Shred the shrimp in a blender.

2. Heat the pan and add the oil.

3. When the oil is hot add the ginger-garlic paste and then the onion.

4. When the onion turns brown add the sesame seeds followed by the shredded shrimp.

5. Add the salt and stir all the ingredients uniformly.

6. Sprinkle the cilantro leaves and when the mix cools down add the cream cheese and mix well.

7. Spread on the bread slices and enjoy.

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