Thursday, 28 February 2013


I was eager to share this recipe of making citrus peel for a very long time. My husband loves them. It is very easy and cost effective. I use this candied peel in fruit cakes to get that tangy flavour. Stays longer too. Whenever you buy oranges do not throw the peel. After squeezing the lemon save it as well and prepare this candied peel.


Orange and lemon peel- 2 cups

Sugar- 1cup

Water- 1 cup


 Heat a thick bottomed pan, add the sugar and water in it and mix well. Lower the fire and when the sugar is all dissolved add the peels.

Mix all the ingredients well and close the pan with a lid. Let the peel get soaked in the sugar syrup and get cooked for around 40 minutes under low fire.

Citrus peel

When all the water is drained and dry,  start stirring for less than  a minute. Switch off the fire. Let the mixture cool down. Store the candied peel in jars and add it for baking or with your desserts. 

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