Monday, 4 February 2013


Stir fried vegetables is a great snack for kids. Of course it is a great challenge to make them eat vegetables.Their huge appetite after the long day's hard work in the school this is really a good healthy snack.

Being a mom is the most difficult job in the whole world and especially making healthy meals is a big challenge. After all the trials if your kids don't like it there comes a big "Bang" on your head. Being a mom to 2 extraordinary smart kids is really double challenging. Sometimes even the names of some vegetables would bring a big heartbroken smile on their faces. Well, I already admitted that it is challenging.

The so called "crisps" addiction is increasing day by day. Whenever they are hungry their small minds thinks only about the potato crisps. This stir fried vegetables with baby potatoes asparagus shoots, baby corn and sweet red peppers was loved by my kids and I have been suggested to prepare it often.

Stir fried vegetables

Ingredients:(serves 2 smart kids)

Cooked baby potatoes- 1 cup

Asparagus stems- 2(cut 2 inches long)

Sweet corn kernels- 1/2 cup

Roughly chopped red peppers- 1

Olive oil- 1 tbspn

Red wine vinegar- 1 tspn


Salt to taste


 Heat the oil in a skillet and saute all the vegetables for a minute with red wine vinegar and salt. Season with oregano and serve.

Simple as that. A very quick healthy snack is ready. Red wine vinegar gives a tangy taste to the vegetables and you can also vary the vegetables here. I have used different coloured vegetables to bring in their attention. 

Do not over cook as the vegetables might lose the crunchiness.


  1. Awesome recipe! I think my daughter will like this dish because she really like eating vegetables especially the potato. I will really try this. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks! for liking the recipe. Please try and tell me what your daughter says about it.