Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Pita is a leavened soft bread from the Middle east. The people from the Middle east use the bread for sandwiches and for wraps. I have tried a simple and easy  way here to prepare the "Roti pockets".


Roti's:( Makes 5 roti pockets)
Brown wheat flour- 1 cup
Salt to taste
1/4 cup 0f water to prepare the dough


Ginger, garlic paste- 1 Tspn.
Onion- 1 Medium sized.
Tomatoes- 2 ripe medium sized.
Spinach / Kale- 1 bunch.
Cream cheese- 2 Tbspn

Oil - 1 Tbspn
Hot water.
Salt to taste

1. Prepare the dough by sprinkling water in the flour little by little. Make small balls of dough and roll them on a flat surface. Prepare round rotis like shown in the picture above. Heat the frying pan and place the rotis and cook under low fire. Once it is half cooked place the rotis in the fire and allow it pop up.

2. Cut the rotis into 2 equal halves.

3. Prepare the kale by blanching the it in hot water for 2 minutes. After two minutes remove the kale from water and squeeze all the excess water. Chop the kale very finely.

4. Heat the frying pan and add oil followed by ginger garlic paste and then the onion. Once the onion is done add the tomatoes.

5.  Add the spinach, salt and stir to mix all the ingredients uniformly. Allow it to cook for a minute.

6. Finally add the cream cheese to the filling and mix well.

7.  Fill the roti pockets with the filling and serve.
This recipe is very easy to prepare and very perfect for lunch boxes. 

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